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Light, sweet scent with a hint of spice.


The Story of Cherokee Rose

During the trail of tears, the mothers and grandmothers were so distraught, grieving over their inability to help their children survive the journey, until the elders decided to pray for a sign that would give them the strength to keep with the journey and help their children through.

Seeing their struggle, creator agreed to commemorate every tear fallen along the way by turning it into stone, which when they woke up the following day had sprouted into green plants, bearing seven leaves on each stem. By afternoon each plant had bloomed into a brilliant white flower. Representing the mothers grief with their white petal, and a gold center that represented not only the gold found on their homeland but also the greed that drove them from their home. By the time the plant was finished blooming the stems were covered with thorns to keep anyone from easily dislocating it.

In our opinion there’s no greater symbol of the Trail of Tears or the strength of a mothers love than the Cherokee Rose.

Cherokee Rose Candle

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