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This is great for when you are suffering from sinus issues or a cold.

How to use:

-Use in bath as a soak to ease muscle aches from a cold while breathing the aromatherapy essential oils.

-Use in the shower by placing a teaspoon in a wet wash cloth. While standing under the shower let the hot water run through the wash cloth and inhale. For an added benefit, rub the wash cloth with the salts over your body for an exfoliation treat. If possible, close the drain on your shower and as the salts hit the water the aromatherapy will fill the shower.

-Add two tablespoons to a small simmering crock pot and turn it on as you sleep. Upon awakening turn crock pot off and cover with lid. Refill once scent is not strong. If possible, use the water in a soaking bath. The magnesium sulfate relaxes muscles and the Dead Sea salt and sea salt are good for you skin....nothing wasted!

-For intense sinus pressure make a Nose Sauna. Bring a small sauce pan of water to boil. Remove pan, add 2 teaspoon

Muscle Soother & Sinus Relief

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